1. The text logo / Logotype:

Logos texte / Logotype

This is a logo that contains only letters. Here we use the entire name of the company.
Logotypes are also based solely on the name of the company. But here we use the whole name of the company.

As with lettermarks, the choice of typeface is therefore very important. It is therefore important to use or create a font that is true to your company's image.
Beauty or fashion brands, such as Magnetic by S, usually choose elegant and minimalist fonts to evoke luxury, while law firms and government institutions tend to create traditional logotypes with classic and reassuring fonts.

When to use a Logotype?

The logotype is a good idea for businesses that are starting out. Just be careful to choose a short name for an effective design, if your name is too long perhaps opt for a lettermark. The advantage of the logotype is that it is adaptable and easy to reproduce on all ranges of marketing materials. It also works well on websites and in small sizes.
Be meticulous when creating your logo, whether it is a lettermark or a logotype, make sure to choose an original font that represents you.

2. the logo symbol / Pictogram:

Logos symbole / Pictogramme

Consists of a symbol or figurative design that is easily recognizable; which is accompanied by a logotype. It is essentially composed of the name of the company or the brand. It can also include a slogan.
Apple's apple, Twitter's bird, Pinterest's pin... In one symbol you are able to recognize these brands and this thanks to their logo! In the end, a brand is only as good as its own image. A pictogram or symbol logo is actually essentially an image.
If you opt for a pictogram logo, the most important element, not surprisingly, is the image you choose. Think about what that image evokes: You want to play on words like the John Deere logo? (deer means deer), You want to symbolize an action like the Twitter bird? (which takes flight like the tweets on the web) Think about it.

When to use symbols or pictograms?

This category of logo is rather reserved for the brand already well established. Indeed to recognize a logo only by its symbol is difficult if the brand is not really installed. Thus a pictogram can hardly live alone at the start of a company. It can nevertheless be interesting to imagine a pictogram from a combined logo that can live independently depending on the situation (for an avatar on social networks or as a web page tab emblem).

3. The logo of initials / Lettermark:

Logos initiales / Monogramme

Also called the initial logo. This one is based on the initials of the brand, rather than the full name because it is too long to be written in full. This is often the easiest and most effective way to incorporate a very long company/brand name into a logo. Some companies have chosen to create a logo from the initials of their name: SBB, RTS, HP. Indeed this trend was democratized in the 19th century under the influence of Japanese art, because the lettermark was often the signature of artists.

A lettermark logo is very simple. Everything depends on the typography chosen for the few letters that will compose the logo. If you choose a lettermark logo, make sure that the font matches your brand identity and your industry. Of course, choose a legible font! Also, if you are not yet well established on the market, consider adding your name in full letters below your logo so that consumers can gradually recognize your company.

When to use a Lettermark logo?

If you have a long and complex business name to remember for your customers, it is better to choose a lettermark. Indeed, the logo will be more effective, modern and striking and your customers will have more ease in remembering your name. Admit that SBB is still sexier than "Swiss Federal Railways".

4. The emblem logo:

Logos emblème

A symbol in the form of a badge, seal or stamp. The text cannot be separated from the symbol.
The logo emblems are a direct reference to the time of the knights who proudly wore the values of their house on their shields. To create an emblem logo it is to affix the name of your company to a symbol in the form of a badge, seal or seal.

When to use an emblem logo?

The emblem logo conveys an image of long tradition. It is for example much used in the world of the automobile, governmental organizations or schools to symbolize the prestige and a secular company.
This logo is more complex to decline on various supports, because it is generally composed of many graphic details. If you want an emblem logo to convey the values of your company, think about how you want to use it, and do not hesitate to create a simplified version for smaller media (embroidery, website, ... etc).

5. The mascot logo:

Logos mascotte

This logo represents an illustrated character, with colors and a funny side.
Who doesn't know the colonel of KFC, or the mascot of Haribo?
Mascots are drawn characters that represent the companies for which they were created. Although drawn, remember to keep the lines simple to keep your mascot readable regardless of its medium.

When to use a mascot logo?

The mascot logos promote your sympathy capital, that's for sure! They are interesting to use if you target a family clientele. Because beyond becoming the ambassador of your brand, your mascot is also a family friend, adored by children who encourages interactions with your target and makes your company more human. Moreover, it is an excellent marketing tool that can be easily adapted into goodies, costumes or marketing objects (think of Walt Disney and Mickey).

6. The combined logo:

Logos combiné

This logo combines text and a symbol. It is by far the most widely used logo. An image, a shape or a drawing completes the name of the company. This logo is evolving according to the evolution of the company. Indeed, once the company is well known, it is possible to keep only the image. The name of the company/brand supported by an image to better identify the style of the company/brand. This type of logo is the most common. Contrary to the combined logo, the text and the symbol cannot be dissociated because the text is integrated.
Everything is in the title! To create a logo that blends several elements, choose a monogram or logotype and combine it with a pictogram, an abstract shape or a mascot. The elements can be placed on top of each other, next to each other, on top of each other etc...

When to use a combined logo?

This category of logo is very used because it allows a certain flexibility. It is possible to use the logo alone on certain supports and the combination of several elements for other supports. Moreover this category of logos is very versatile, because the name of the company is associated with an image, and allows your customers to instantly associate your name with a symbol or a value.
In addition, these logos are generally easier to register legally than a pictogram alone.

Finally, don't forget that a good logo is recognizable, memorable, readable, distinctive, durable and adaptable. Do not hesitate to test it on different backgrounds, different media and different sizes. Do not add too many details "less is more" and finally trust yourself, everyone will have an opinion on your logo, but in the end who better than you can decide the good identity of your company?

Your logo represents your company, give it importance and if you are not able to create your logo yourself do not hesitate to call upon an agency or a graphic designer in order to obtain a personalized and ideal logo for your company.
At Ologo, we have already created many logos, so why not yours?